The leisure farm combines creative

vegetables and natural drink

Vegetable is environmentally friendly in response to climate change. Meiju’s wild vegetable hot pot and exclusive creative appetizers and vegetable sauce make people full of praise.

There are many trails on the farm, from the entrance to the plum blossom trail, the wisteria trail, the honey plant area, the vanilla area, the Mengzong bamboo area, the Jinzhenhuapo area, the mountain cherry blossoms, the weeping cherry, the fruits and vegetables, the vanilla, etc., and overlooking the Taipei Basin. Let you feel the richness of the earth, the gratitude, and the rise.



thanksgiving. respect. Love

Providing farmland for the citizens to cultivate in person, such as a farming park, urban people bring their families with them, where they can enjoy the farm life and educate the younger generation to understand agriculture.

Farm environment


  1. Driving: Please park along the two sides of Lane 43 of Pingjing Street (near the farm).
  2. Take the 303 bus: get off at Lunziwei Station, follow the 43rd Lane and walk for 18 minutes to reach the farm.

Contact number: 0905-169176

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