Meiju Leisure Farm is “Grateful, Respect, Love” for purpose.

The new secret base of Yangmingshan – Meiju Leisure Farm, an old orange garden that has not been developed for nearly 30 years, uses the natural ecological field to lead everyone to experience the life of the farmers, and hopes to “environmental protection of the mind, body and the earth” for the goal.

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A gratefulness to the earth, a respect for the elders, a love for the future generations

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Meiju’s history and introduction, film time 8 minutes

Service project introduction

There are Meihua Avenue, Wisteria Recreation Area, Wisteria Tunnel, Mengzong Bamboo Forest Dream Zone, Orchard Vegetable and Herb Area.

The peasant nursery room, the cultivating nursery room and the “family cow” named “Gratefulness, Respect, Love” highlights.

In addition to the food life experience, there are many DIY courses to enrich the body and mind.

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We adopt an appointment system, because we need to prepare materials and venues in advance, please leave a message with our specialists or online, thank you

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