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Taipei City Government Little Farmers Discount Program

The farm prepares iron cows for children to experience.

Let us love the earth together, please bring your own cups, bowls, chopsticks, handkerchiefs and bags.

Bring your own rain boots and rain gear or sun protection equipment, anti-mosquito liquid, etc.

The DIY class can be adjusted according to seasonal crops. Please contact the farm to determine it.

The food-eating experience activities allow urban adults and children to use their own vision in nature to experience different scenes such as spring ploughing, summer sorghum, autumn harvest, and winter collection.

In the auditory sense, listen to the sounds of nature, the sound of bamboo waves, the sound of excavation, the sound of water, the sound of rain, the sound of birds, , the sound of frogs, the songs of Taiwan’s blue crickets, etc.

In the sense of smell, smell the herbs , grassy taste, vegetable aroma, soil flavor, etc. In the sense of taste, use the crops you harvest yourself to cook and experience the natural aroma of the real ingredients, not the flavor of the seasoning.

In the sense of touch, through the actual contact, there is a sense of touch, in the overall sense, comprehensive overall activities, the heart has a deep impression and understanding. We also provide seasonal DIY activities such as vanilla handmade biscuits, wild vegetable dumplings, peel enzymes, and needles, vegetables, etc., along with seasonal crops, such as vanilla, vegetables, and melons.

The outdoor teaching group is 700 NTD per person (more than 20 people per group), including food guides and DIY with guided explanations, vanilla drinks, light meals and crop cultivation and harvesting experience.

Public and private primary schools and public kindergarten teachers and students are welcome to visit.

Please register your appointment as soon as possible.